Every job has its requirements, so choosing suitable medical gloves for your application should be your number one job. Following are five questions to ask when finding the right type of disposable gloves. Although disposable nitrile gloves are the safest for use, they are not perfect for all requirements.

Deciding what level of protection to buy is also based on the potential risk involved with the task at hand. Following are the ways to choose the right sort of disposable gloves.

Questions To Ask Choose The Right Disposable Gloves

Here are certain questions that you should ask before choosing the right glove for your business

1. What are you handling? 

If what you’re handling is sharp or has jagged edges, consider buying puncture-resistant gloves.

2. What type of glove material do you need?

 Latex and powder-free vinyl gloves are great for protecting hands against moisture, dirt, and other contaminants; however, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Latex gloves should be used in health care, while vinyl gloves are suitable for non-healthcare applications.

3. What size glove do you need?

Disposable gloves are offered in four standard sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. Have a wearer try on several different-sized pairs of disposable gloves so they can get the perfect fit for their hands before purchasing them. If your employees are smaller, consider buying unisex gloves.

4. What’s the right fit?

It’s important to remember that disposable gloves can stretch up to two sizes during normal use (laundering, packaging, and clean-up); however, they should not be stretched any further than this as it causes them to become loose-fitting and ineffective for protecting hands.

5. How much protection do you need? 

If you’re looking for a higher level of protection, such as in the medical field, follow your local regulations when choosing gloves and check with experts to make sure they meet OSHA standards. Another key factor is that reusable medical gloves comply with ASTM regulations; this makes it easier to track and manage glove usage.