Fertility is often a condition that people do not pay attention to until they are trying to start a family. In many cases, people consider fertility after they face problems in conceiving. It is worth noting that couples of 29-33 years having normal functioning reproductive systems have only a 20 to 25% chance of getting pregnant in the given month.

Additionally, for any number of infertility aspects from either gender, the chances of conceiving could decrease. In case you wish to have a baby in the future, here are signs of infertility that you should not neglect

  • Changes in Menstrual Cycle

There might be an absence of period, irregular cycles, or heavier than the normal flow might be the infertility signs. It is crucial to track the menstrual cycle for identifying the changes or patterns early on. Doing so would help you if you plan to seek guidance from a doctor as the expert would inquire about the medical history.

  • Pelvic Pain

In case you have pain throughout the cycle, discomfort after sex or a bad period cramp, you might be diagnosed with endometriosis. Endometriosis could result in scarring of the pelvic structures, increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy and even reduce fertility. It might diminish the supply of eggs.  

In case you experience pelvic pain along with abnormal discharge and fever, it might indicate an infection that could lead to scarring. Therefore, it is advised to not ignore this and get an evaluation from an experienced physician.

  • Significant Hair Loss

Some females experience significant hair growth in unusual areas like the chest, face, back, etc. that is worth worrying about. Whereas some experience hair loss or thinning that could indicate an infertility-related condition such as anemia, autoimmune disorders, or thyroid.

  • Painful Periods

It is different from normal cramping. The pain stops you in the tracks and causes nausea or vomiting. This might not be an infertility sign. However, if combined with other signs such as blood in urine, pain during intercourse, or irregular periods could be signs of endometriosis. It is the condition that accounts for nearly 30 to 40% of women’s infertility cases.

Apart from these, another common sign is severe acne. Sudden skin changes such as severe acne breakouts could be a sign that something is wrong with hormones. It is also a sign of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) that could lead to difficulty in conceiving. In case you experience any of the signs and wish to get treatment for infertility, Regency International Clinic is the right place. The team of medical experts has experience of years and provides treatment for both female and male fertility.