Recent studies have concluded that workers’ safety in an organization is directly proportional to their productivity, keeping other factors aside. Thus, organizations must keep workers’ safety their number one priority, especially if they work in dangerous environments. Besides ensuring that the work equipment is of the standard quality, workers also need to be provided with the necessary protective equipment to ensure their utmost safety. These may include asbestos kits, protective coveralls, masks and respirators, and even additional protection equipment if the situation so desires. Amongst all the safety equipment available, protective coveralls are the most demanded and must be purchased with care. Here we have listed some crucial aspects you must consider before purchasing protective coveralls for your workers.

1. Durability

When purchasing protective coveralls or PPE kits for yourself or your workers, the prime factor to consider is their durability. Even if you intend to buy disposable coveralls, they should at least throughout the time or for the entire duration of your shift. If you are not purchasing disposable kits, go for something that can last you longer than a few months to save on additional costs in repurchasing them repeatedly. Durability is also important since your coveralls will undoubtedly be exposed to severe working conditions and harsh elements of your work environment. The coveralls need to be able to withstand these conditions to ensure your protection.

2. Visibility

You must be visible if you are working in a high-traffic environment at night or inside a dark mine to avoid accidents. In such situations, your protective coveralls must be painted with fluorescent strips and available in bright colors so that your presence can be detected from afar. Visibility is necessary when you are working on highways, the roadside, or light-ridden places for an extra safety element.

3. Protection

Coveralls are meant to protect your body from hazardous elements in the workplace, as also protect your clothe you’ve worn underneath. In fact, in some professions, coveralls form a mandatory part of the safety gear. Coveralls with enhanced protection are also available for people working with highly hazardous elements. These include fire-resistant coveralls, coveralls for chemical protection, asbestos coveralls, and coveralls with a stain-release finish. You must choose coveralls based on elements you’ll be coming in contact with to ensure the best protection.

Additionally, opt for overalls with double stitching, heavy-duty zippers that work both ways, i.e., from the inside and outside, loops and pockets to hold necessary tools, and those that allow for easy breathability.

4. Regulatory Requirements

In some professions, the safety gear and dress code are regulated by government bodies as well as some non-profit organizations. In others, these are monitored by individual industry regulators like the medical industry would regulate coveralls for in-field professionals, medical support staff, medical equipment manufacturers, those working in medical labs, and so on. You must keep these specifications in mind while purchasing coveralls for yourself and your workers.

5. Comfort and Fit

When purchasing protective coveralls for your workers, you must ensure their comfort and proper fit. An ill-fitting and extremely uncomfortable overall won’t do any good for your workers since they wouldn’t be able to give their best at work and thus result in poor performance and many unusual accidents. The coverall may not necessarily be form-fitting but shouldn’t be too baggy either as the fabric may get stuck in machines resulting in catastrophic situations. Make sure the collars completely cover the worker’s neck when working with glass or any other sharp object.

6. Cost

One of the extremely important factors to consider when purchasing protective kits is their overall cost to both the workers as well as the company. The cost of your coverall kit will depend upon its level of resistance, quality of the fabric, the special protection it provides as well as the number of units you will purchase. However, the purchase price is not the only cost-related factor you need to consider. The maintenance, including wash and repair costs, the life of the garment, and its overall usability, are also to be included in the overall price when purchasing protective coveralls for your workers.

Summing Up

Protective garments are a necessity in many industries to help ensure the safety of the workers. It is extremely vital to select the correct personal protective equipment for your workers, as it helps strengthen their trust while increasing overall productivity. A great place to buy high-quality, comfortable, and cost-effective protective coveralls in the UK is the Respirator Shop, where we have a wide selection of Personal Protective Equipment to help keep you and your workers safe at all times. Visit our store, or shop online to conveniently shop for the exact equipment you need to ensure your safety.