Is Vital Oxide EPA Approved
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2020 was certainly a year for the record books. Even with as much as we know about science and germ theory, and hygiene, the novel coronavirus Covid-19 still became a global pandemic that quickly swept most of the globe. Nation after nation was shutting down and putting protocols in place in order to slow the spread. More than a year later, it’s a virus that we’re still dealing with, and we do not have it fully under control. Though as a society, we are starting to focus a lot more on hygiene and cleaning various surfaces that could host infectious bacteria. There are many different products out there on the market today to disinfect surfaces. One of the most popular newer products to pop up recently has been Vital Oxide (VO).

 The Vital Oxide disinfectant product is used mostly in hospital settings. Most of us would consider hospitals to be safe places where one would not necessarily catch the virus, but that does not come without a lot of hard work and dedication from hospital staff. The truth is that hospitals can be breeding grounds for such a contagion, especially considering how many people are grouped together within a single space. So it takes a good disinfectant product to ensure that all traces of Covid are killed so that it doesn’t spread.

What is the Vital-Oxide Product?

 VO, as it’s colloquially known, is a powerful disinfectant that is used mainly in professional and commercial settings. You can find VO in hospitals, acting as a good disinfectant, and also in a lot of restaurants, where it is used to sanitize the surfaces where food is prepared. What this means is that it’s not only effective at killing 99.9% of all germs and bacteria, including Covid-19 but that it’s also very safe. It’s a food-grade product that does not contain harmful chemicals that will harm people.

 VO is known as a “broad-spectrum” disinfectant, which also means that it works great on mould spores and all sorts of other nasty viruses that might plague people. This can also be effective against all sorts of other contagions, from TB and many different flu strains to the common cold.

Is the Product Approved by the EPA?

 Yes, Vital oxide disinfectant is an EPA-approved product. In fact, it’s EPA-registered, which means that VO has not only the Environmental Protection Agency’s seal of approval, but also its full endorsement to be sold and used as a natural disinfectant. This is something that you do not often see with products. The fact that the EPA stands behind VO so fully really lets you know just how safe it is. It is not only approved to be used in commercial/public locations like restaurants and hospitals; it is actually recommended.

What Makes This Product Safe to Use?

 The main VO ingredient that makes it so effective at killing mould, bacteria and other contaminants is chlorine dioxide (CL02). While it might have chlorine in its name, its chemistry is actually very different from the corrosive chemical that you will find in bleach. Chlorine dioxide is not caustic or corrosive, and so it’s a lot gentler than bleach. Though when it comes to getting rid of the same sorts of bacteria, CL02 works just the same. This means that it can kill all of those germs while still being safe enough to use the product around food. VO also breaks down into a simple salt without any harmful byproducts, which is why the EPA approves of its use.

Can I Use This Product at Home?

 Yes, this is a product that you can use in your home as a disinfectant. While VO is mainly found in commercial restaurants and public hospitals and clinics, the fact is that it’s openly available to the public to purchase. The reason why you might not find a lot of your neighbours with VO is that it’s typically sold in bulk proportions, not those nifty and convenient little spray bottles that you will find at your local store. That being said, however, it is a product that you can freely purchase to use in your home.

 VO fights against Covid-19 and a long list of other harmful contagions, and it’s a very safe and effective product that you might want to keep around.