Disinfectant Spray

What to Look for in EHS Consultants

 The world has been tossed into a panic, and it’s been going strong for over a year now. Some may argue media played a large role in it or that politicians and their shut-downs forced people to act a little

Why Cleaning is Important

 We have understood germ theory and the importance of hygiene for many generations now. We almost had a global extinction of Homo Sapien as recently as the plague in Europe a few hundred years ago. Just last year, as everyone

Where Can I Purchase Vital Oxide?

Although we’ve seen a lot of great medical and scientific breakthroughs, the fact is that most of them took a very long time, with a ton of trial and error. However, one thing that 2020’s Coronavirus pandemic really exposed was

Why Do Household Cleaning Solutions Only Kill 99.9% of Germs?

Cleanliness is something that has become incredibly important to our societies in these modern times. Even though we are still currently dealing with a strain of the coronavirus out there, the fact is that pandemics are very few and far

Is Vital Oxide EPA Approved?

  2020 was certainly a year for the record books. Even with as much as we know about science and germ theory, and hygiene, the novel coronavirus Covid-19 still became a global pandemic that quickly swept most of the globe.

Is Vital Oxide Safe?

2020 was a scary year for many people on the planet, and that fear has continued through the first part of 2021. At the beginning of last year, we started hearing and seeing all of these reports about another deadly

COVID 19: Cleaning and Disinfecting made simple

Months after the CDC announced a global shortage of PPEs, society is still struggling to get these essentials. Is there a reliable marketplace to buy premium face masks, sanitizers, and disinfectants? Right now, the safest route is to find legit

Getting COVID-19 fighting disinfectant spray to work

Since COVID 19 emerged, it has caused history-making changes across industries. With the rising sanitization needs, disinfectant sprays and various personal protective equipment or PPE products are still scarce. Despite the emergence of new brands in the cleaning products market,