You probably have heard about the N95 mask and its shortage for healthcare workers working in covid-19. This shortage inspires people to make a mask in a home not exactly like N95 but provides a protective shield from the transmission. The effort of people is admirable. It shows how cooperative they are, and trying to cope up in this worst situation.

There is a lot at stake when designing an alternative mask. The shortage of N95 masks is not a small issue. It is about the protection of everyone. 

Lack of protection will increase the transmission of this viral infection. Especially health care workers, they are in more contact with the infected people.

So, N95 Mask is more critical for the protection of them. So if designing an alternative mask, it can be more dangerous. There are so many questions going on people head about the mask-like whether it gives the same protection or not? Is it better for us or not?

If this will replace regular masks and hospital dress that does not need to filter out tiny particles or even replace N95 respirators is not clear. If it’s the former, jersey material could work again as long as it’s not appropriate for conditions where small particles such as viruses are filtered.

However, physicians, nurses, and other health care workers working directly with patients who may contaminate with SARS-CoV2 will not be sufficiently covered by masks using such clothing. The Jersey material does not have the requisite properties to filter out very tiny particles of the virus.

Also, the following qualities that an N95 mask or equivalent should have taken into account :

N95 Mask

Filter the Virus and Viral particles :

The N95 mask is a protective mask that will filter 95 percent of particles or pollutants from the environment. 95 per cent implies particles less than .1 or more prominent as a melon. Filtering particles from the .1 to .3 is difficult and challenging too.

 The mask’s work keeps away virus or tiny particles, pollutants, or dust particles from your mouth, especially nose and lip. 

The material used for making the N95 mask is Propylene. There are layers of material to filter out the particles and keep you safe.

So, it isn’t easy to make a protective mask like an N95 mask.

Consist of a better filter mechanism: 

The better filter means if one mechanism is not working, then others will work. It is the same as we have two keys to unlock our home if the key is lost then other keys work.

According to Reports – An N95 mask for sale has three mechanisms for the filter process. 

  1. Inertial impaction
  2. Diffusion, and
  3. Electrostatic attraction

Inertial impaction keeps 0.1 micron or larger particles away. It works very smoothly.

Diffusion keeps .1 micron or smaller particles away. It is the second type of filtration procedure.

Electrostatic attraction blocks the viral particles and other tiny particles or any other contaminants.

Easy Breathing:

If useful materials are not used, then it will create suffocation while wearing the mask. If the mask is not easily breathable, then you should avoid wearing the mask. It may make some severe respiratory problems.

Too many layers of fabric can cause the same thing: breathing issue. 

Fit as Fiddle : 

Wearing a mask with full protection, but a mask does not tightly fit it is no use of wearing the mask. It is same as you lock the main gate of your home and forget to lock back door. So, filter and fitting of mask both are essential factors of your protective pieces of equipment. 

Gaps between your face and mask can allow the virus to come and cause the viral infection. 

So, every mask goes for fit- testing first then comes in the market. 

The fit test includes smelling of food material and pouring of water and blowing the flame. 

Comfortable design:  

Masks should be comfortable. Edges of the mask should not be sharp. Mask should not be tight that your head started paining.

Easy to wear and comfortable to wear for long duration.

Durability : 

Every mask has some durability. That it lasts longer than others. It should be resistant to everything. It can reuse and easy to wash. It does not use only once or twice. A mask does not get affected by splashes of liquid.

N95 Mask for sale

 Conclusion :

The Masks which are supposed to give sufficient filtration, permeability, and warmth are not substitutes for N95 respirators.

If health care people assume falsely that the new mask provides the same protection as an N95 mask, it can also create an issue. No one will charge urgently for N95 masks if the new mask will convince the medical team and other health care systems. Any mask should cover the principles of the N95 mask.