In this pandemic condition, the N95 mask is the only protective gear that we can rely on. It provides the best quality filtration to the user. Corona Virus is an RNA virus. The virus can change their life cycle anytime when they get the favorable condition. Viral infection transfers when coming in personal contact like droplets, sneezing, coughing. Viruses need a host to replicate. When these droplets come in, your contact virus gets a host, then it starts replicating, and you got infected. It depends on the virus; either it is curable or harmful for us.

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What makes an N95 mask so important?

The N95 mask is different from another mask because it meets U.S NIOSH standards (The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health). The Certified mask can filter out 95% of air-borne contamination from the environment. It filters out small and large particles, including the particles or splashes of the Corona Virus.

The N95 mask is mostly worn by health care professionals, medical workers, and many other workers who work in the chemicals and paint industries. And field workers.

In contrast to the Surgical mask and Fabric mask, the N95 mask gives tight seal protection. The surgical mask does not provide a tight fit, and the Surgical mask and Fabric mask give a Shield to Face from other contaminants.

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Who makes quality N95 masks?

The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health regulates the quality of the N95 mask. The N95 mask gone under many tests for certifying the mask and its quality. 

Due to the higher demand for N95 mask, in the U.S and many other countries, it led to shortages of the mask in the market. The government makes it a priority for Health workers. They are at more risk, and they need it the most. For the certified mask, you can visit NIOSH websites, where all the masks and names of the mask are mentioned. You can visit and have a look.

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Are there enough N95 masks to go around now?   

As the demand for the mask is increasing as the manufacturing of the mask is also increasing. The production house or laboratory makes the N95 mask try its best to provide the N95 mask to everyone. They primarily provide masks to hospitals and other quarantine centers as mask reduces the transmission of the viral infection.

And also recommend to general people to wear a mask for their safety.

How do medical workers know whether their N95 masks are genuine and gives sufficient quality?

The mask, which NIOSH approves, has written the organization’s name in the mask and the name of the mask. Certified masks have Headbands instead of the Earloop. 

Many hospitals go for 20 minutes fit test before wearing any new mask. If they feel the mask is adequate, then they wear the mask.As well as workers can also do the seal check with a short and easy method. 

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Can the lifespan of an N95 mask be extended? 

The Center of Disease Control and prevention make a guideline for the reuse of mask for health care professionals as there is the shortage of the N95 mask in the market.

Health care workers can wear a mask each day and store the used mask in a paper bag or plastic bag. After four- fives, they can reuse the mask as a virus, including coronavirus degrade after some time.

What about decontamination systems?

The process of Decontamination of the mask is under process as laboratories are using Steam Sterilization for the mask’s Decontamination. Never use alcohol or any dishwasher to decontaminate your mask. It can be more harmful to your health.

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Make sure that you know how you intend to use the mask. Are you going to be using it for sports or work? Both of these require a good flow of air through the mask. If you are using a mask while exercising, it needs to stay on your face while breathing. You will also need to check the seal on the mask to make sure that there is no air leaking out of the top.

It is essential to look at the quality and durability of the mask before you buy it. Most masks are made from strong material and should last for many years. You may also want to take a look at the company that manufactures the mask. It is more likely that you are buying high-quality materials than you will find in a cheap knock-off. Knowing what makes an n95 mask so important can help you determine whether it is right for you or not.

If you dont have an N95 mask with you, you can choose any other mask for you. Wearing a mask is essential in this pandemic, whether it is a Fabric mask or the N95mask.