After this pandemic situation, we have to step out of the homes for work or for earning. We can’t always stay at home. We have to follow all safety measures before going out. Wearing a mask is something new normal, and part of our outfit. Like other clothes, we can not go out without wearing the mask. Now, the thing is, do we wear our mask correctly? Is the mask providing full protection? Reducing the risk of infection or not?

This article will let you know how to wear a mask correctly, and how much it is effective? 
Take a look at experts guidance to determine how to wear the mask and reduce the risk of contamination. Everyone should follow the guidance of experts or the government, which is beneficial for everyone health. 

Why good fitting of the N95 mask are critical?

The N95 mask is better than every other mask in the market. It provides more protection than other masks like the Surgical mask and the Fabric mask. If the N95 mask is worn properly, it gives filtration of 95% for large and small airborne particles present in the air. It is not effective for Oil particles. After the pandemic, many companies and their employers start using the N95 mask. Many companies purchase the N95 mask for sale for their staff members safety.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health do many tests for their performance and for their leak-proof and standards set for the mask to approve. They set a standard for viral infection then tested the many times N95 mask, and the N95 mask always meets the standards and proves to be most effective. It shows more effects when it is correctly worn; otherwise, it will not show. It is important to wear a mask. But it is more important to wear it correctly.

Due to its high effectiveness, it is said by the government and others like the Centre of Disease and Control Prevention and the Food Drug and Administration. The N95 mask are mandatory for health care professionals. And after a shortage of N95 mask, we should preserve the masks for the medical team’s use. They need it primarily.

How to put an N95 respirator?

The wearing of the N95 mask correctly depends on the types of mask it is. Government or the Centre for Disease and Control and Preservation provides general guidance to follow for putting mask. 

Here are Some steps-

  • Sanitize your hands or wash your hands with soap. 
  • Discard the mask if it is defective or damage or anything else. Do not wear the defective mask. It won’t show the results.
  • Hold the mask in one hand. Do not touch the inner part of the mask. Nose-piece should touch by a finger.
  • Using one hand wear a mask hold the respirator to your chin, nose-piece facing upward.
  • Wear the straps over the ears.
  • Adjust your straps according to a snug fit and how comfortable you are.
  • Adjust the metal clips according to your face and how fit you need to be.
  • After wearing the mask, one should gain clean or sanitize their hands.

Never Touch the inner part of the mask. If the mask’s inner part gets contaminated, you have more chances to get infected. If while wearing the mask, it gets infected by any fluid blood and other respiratory fluid. Do not wear the mask. Immediately discard the mask. 

How to Seal Check? 

If you purchase an N95 mask for sale, your company and your employers want to check the mask’s seal. Follow the instruction given in the mask to test. Every time seal checks the mask before using the mask with clean hands.

Here are Two Ways to Check-

1.Negative pressure seal Check: 

  • Put the hands around the respirator, inhale smoothly.
  • If the respirator collapse slightly, it is sealed.
  • No air should be seeping out.

2.Positive Pressure Seal check:

  • Cover the surface of the respirator with both hands.
  • The wearer should feel a slight pressure in the respirator and feel the face-piece expand a bit.
  • No air should be seeping out.


We all get to know the N95 mask is effective, but now we know wearing it snug fit makes it more effective, and it shows more effects than before. All other masks do not give as protection as the N95 mask gives. If you are buying an N95 mask for sale, check all the masks seal and then wear it.