Disposable protective clothing is used extensively for working in different types of environments. Disposable protective clothing is used to protect the individual wearing it from the hazardous environment such as exposure to fumes, chemicals, and other extreme workplace conditions.

Disposable protective bodysuits are widely used in sterile environments to prevent their contamination.

The demand for disposable protective body clothing has seen a tremendous rise since the pandemic started in 2020. They have now become a must for healthcare professionals and those professionals working in essential services. This is to protect them from getting infected and also prevent the spread of the disease.

A disposable jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that protects the individual wearing it from all kinds of contamination. Although protective bodysuits are available in reusable and disposable types, the disposable type is usually preferred because it is safer.

Disposable Protective Clothing and PPE Facts

Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) has made it mandatory for employers to assess the hazards of the workplace and choose the best PPE kits for employees.

Protective bodysuits are required to work safely in different types of environments. In the healthcare sector or factories that have a hazardous environment or even where people are required to work in a sterile environment, the onus is on the organization to provide protective bodysuits to its employees.

The individuals involved in the selection of protective bodysuits for their employees have a huge responsibility on their hands to provide the best protection to their employees.

They will need to decide the best type of bodysuit for their work environment. They will need to focus on aspects such as whether they should:

  • Buy disposable or reusable type.
  • The type of fabric that is best for their environment.
  • They will need to ensure that the jumpsuits selected are of the best size.
  • The quality and quantity will have to be determined.
  • The overall cost is also a vital factor to consider.

This can be quite a challenging task! It is recommended that you find out the details about the protective bodysuits before you choose the type.

Here are some surprising facts about disposable protective clothing and PPE that one should be aware of before selecting a protective bodysuit:

An average commercial user of disposable PPE kits could use 8-12 disposable suits in one day!

Choose disposable jumpsuits that fit your body but is also loose enough so that it does not restrict the free movement of your body.

There are different types of disposable PPE clothing for different types of exposure. Therefore, make sure to choose the one that is effective for the hazardous environment you are exposed to. So, check the type of exposure such as airborne toxic vapors, liquid splash, or fire hazards, and choose the disposable protective clothing meant for the specific environment.

Make sure to ask your disposable PPE clothing supplier for the details of the performance data. This will ensure that the PPE has passed the quality tests.

Collect all the vital information such as:

  • Fabric used
  • Design features 
  • The service life of the PPE clothing.

Also, find out the design details of the PPE clothing and how to handle and dispose of the gear.

Choosing the right type of PPE is a critical factor because each PPE kit has built-in features that are suited for the task it is meant for.

While choosing a disposable PPE jumpsuit, you must pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Whether it is elastic, knit, or open wrists and ankles?
  • If it has thumb/finger loops at the cuff?
  • What type of fastening does it use, zipper, snap, or tie closure?
  • Whether it has an attached hood or boot?
  • Are the seams serged or taped?
  • What type of fabric is used?

These aspects determine the comfort and also each one of them enhances the features of the PPE kit.

Disposable PPE kits are made from different types of material. Tyvek is the most extensively used material. However, PPE kits can be made from various other materials that serve as a more economical option. Some of the more common ones are SMS fabrics, Polypropylene fabrics, and Proprietary fabrics.

Disposable jumpsuits are more rugged and are resistant to wear and tear. Besides they offer protection from heat and freezing temperatures.

Contrary to the popular belief that reusable types of jumpsuits are more economical, we find that disposable jumpsuits work out cheaper in the long-run. This is because the reusable ones are vulnerable to wear and tear in harsh environments. Therefore, you will need to invest in getting it repaired. Also, each time the jumpsuit rips and is repaired its ability to resist contamination reduces.

Protective bodysuits trap your body heat efficiently and protect you from harsh temperatures if you are required to work outside during extreme winter conditions.

The color of your protective bodysuit becomes relevant based on the nature of the work. If you are working on construction sites or are involved in rescue operations, orange and white-colored disposable jumpsuits are ideal. This is recommended because these colors increase your visibility to others so that others can see you if something untoward happens to you and help will be on your way.

After considering these and other aspects, it becomes easier to choose the protective bodysuits that will best serve your purpose.