Physical pains caused by modern life
Physical pains caused by modern life

Sitting at the computer for a long time has become commonplace. And not just for those whose job requires sitting in front of a monitor for hours. There are more and more young people who spend their free time in front of a computer screen, playing games or spending time on social networks. Such a lifestyle leads to diseases and pains that can have consequences for a lifetime.

Too much looking at the screen is not good

Sore eyes, blurred vision, and headaches are symptoms that appear after some time spent in front of a computer screen. The human eye is not adapted to look at a computer screen for a long time. It is the same when a lot of time is spent in front of the TV and other electronic devices with a screen, such as a mobile phone or tablet. Low light, low office lighting, flickering screens, and too many hours spent in front of a computer are just some of the ways you can damage your eyesight.

Back pain

Back pain is a sign that you need to take a break. If you feel pain in your lower back after sitting for a long time, it is most likely that your chair is not at a certain height. You should adjust the height of the chair to maintain a straight spine in the lower part. Pain in the middle part of your back is a consequence of hunched sitting. Take a break and stretch your head, neck, and spine in the opposite position from the one you are sitting in while working on the computer to help with the pain. In case of severe pain, you should visit a doctor.

Pain in the hands

Pain in the fingers and wrists is a consequence of fast and strong typing on the keyboard and twisting of the wrist. Adjust your chair to a height at which the elbows will be at an angle of 90 degrees and as close as possible to the hips. If your keyboard is raised, set it to be in a flat position so that your hands are in a more natural position and you do not have a problem with pain.

Leg pain

Prolonged sitting can also cause leg pain. Do not cross your legs while sitting, and adjust the height of the chair so that your feet touch the floor. Move as much as you can, use each break to take a few steps at least. A good physiotherapist can help you relieve all the pain. With regular therapies and physical activity, you can minimize pain. In addition, make an effort to change your lifestyle a little.


Stress is a common occurrence for many. Everyone finds themselves under stress at some point in their lives, the only question is how to deal with this phenomenon. In some circumstances, short-term stress also helps us to better deal with a serious situation, and can also serve as motivation.  Long-term stress can turn into a serious problem though and is a clear sign of a needed lifestyle change. In such a hectic life, stress occurs in everyone from time to time. This can be caused by work, school, family, and many other factors.


The level of stress significantly affects the immune system itself. Frequent stress means that stress hormones will reduce the body’s response to foreign hazards such as bacteria and viruses. People who are under chronic stress, most often due to work and obligations, will find it easier to get the flu or catch a cold. Stress also affects the recovery time from illness or injury making it much longer. That is why you should take various vitamins and not allow yourself to be sick and feel bad for prolonged periods of time.

Take a walk and take advantage of every moment in nature

The lifestyle of this century is such that people are connected to technology in a sitting or lying position. With regular physical activity and going to nature, you will rest your eyes and your whole body. Relax whenever you can and do not neglect yourself and your health because health should always come first.