Workplace Safety Trends

Nowadays, as technology is getting advanced and the workplace is changing, the safety trends in factories are also improving and alternative methods are being adopted to prevent work hazards. In 2021, workers’ safety and well-being have become the primary focus. For this, many workplaces are taking new initiatives to ensure this safety is kept intact. The most common trends that are adopted to create a safe work environment are as under:

1) Smart PPE

The use of smart personal protective equipment (PPE) was already on a rise before Covid-19, but because of the pandemic, this trend increased at a faster pace. New types of equipment have been introduced in the market having advanced features like high-quality sensors that monitor heart rate, blood pressure, calorie-burn, step count, and also things like sweat level, blood oxygen level, blood alcohol level, etc. 

Besides protection, with the help of these PPEs, workers can also check what amount of work they’ve done and how they can do more. Some of the latest PPEs include smart shoes that can detect a worker has fallen or has been standing at the same place for a long time, smart glasses with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, speaker, touchpad, etc., and more smart objects for better work and safety. These types of equipment can help reduce workplace accidents.

2) Increased in the Use of Mobile Apps and Tools

As the world is getting digitized, new mobile apps and tools are introduced in the market for maintaining workplace safety. These apps can perform multiple tasks according to a worker or factory’s requirements. Some of them can collect data if whether the workers are doing their tasks or using a mobile phone during their work time. Some are to switch off the workers’ mobile phones when they’re doing essential tasks. Also, some apps can give alerts if the worker has fallen or is in danger. These types of mobile apps and tools can prevent many incidents that can occur at a workplace.

3) Shifting Focus from Detection to Prevention

Before the pandemic, people weren’t very cautious about taking safety precautions or social distancing measures but with the pandemic, people became increasingly cautious with workplaces emphasizing the importance of Covid-19 SOPs, which led to an improved average of employee health across workplaces. Many companies have arranged face masks, hand sanitizers, and other antiviral products for their employees to remain healthy. Also, at workplaces, proper educational programs are organized to train people for identifying symptoms of Covid-19 before they harm others.

4) Safety Measures for Work Hazards

While working in a factory, there’s always a chance that workers could harm themselves, e.g. through cuts, burns, etc. For the prevention of this, various safety measures are taken i.e. new sensors are installed that stop machines when they sense someone entering the danger zone (i.e. the place where the machines are running). Also, the best quality safety products are provided to the workers. With the help of such things, the safety of workers is enhanced.

5) Autonomous Vehicles

Vehicles are a mandatory part of any large factory. Without vehicles, heavy objects and materials can’t be carried from one place to another. Autonomous vehicles are the ones that are self-operated. Special types of sensors are installed that are operated by software. These vehicles are designed in a way that they follow directions, stay distant from other vehicles or objects, adjust according to the weather, and many other advanced functions are available in these automobiles. With the use of these autonomous vehicles, many workplace incidents are avoided automatically.

6) More Safety Professionals

Companies are hiring more safety professionals that are well-educated and experts in safety training. They train employees on how to care about themselves. This helps employees to work in a cautious manner that ensures they remain safe and sound. This training includes all the dos and don’ts about working in a factory.

7) Training for Covid-19

Many companies are providing proper training to their employees about what preventive measures they should take to remain safe from the Coronavirus. Health coaches are hired to train the employees who teach them about how to avoid unnecessarily touching the face, what things they should use to prevent the virus from getting into the body, etc.

Because of the pandemic, too many things are changing in one’s daily routine. The use of PPEs has also increased. Even apart from Covid-19, PPEs are very important to work in a factory. Most workers use helmets, shoes, gloves, etc. for their daily work routine. These things prove to ‌be very useful in saving their lives by protecting them from various work hazards.

Leather is the best material to be used in industrial safety products. Due to its toughness, cut resistance, and more qualities, it’s commonly used by safety goods manufacturers. As leather is tanned from animals’ skins, it’s also harmless to wear on human skin.