Keeping employees healthy is paramount to the success of many office based businesses across the UK. Similarly, having systems and physical products that promote positive lifestyles throughout your office will not only improve the wellbeing of your workforce, but will also make your employees’ working space a fun and enticing place to be. As such, this article will discuss the top health procedures you should include in your office based business today.

Sufficient Heating/Cooling 

Firstly, there are many methods in today’s age to improve the physical health of your employees. One of which is by having a HVAC system that works correctly. HVAC units control the temperature in a working environment from cooling hot areas or heating cooler areas within a building vicinity. Furthermore, by installing adequate HVAC systems, you are improving the air quality that is circulating around the space of your employees. Most HVAC systems include a filter that purifies the air and limits the amount of bacteria being spread which can be a major problem in the work space. As such, your employees will be free from inhaling harmful microbes that may have been present in the air without the intervention of the HVAC system.

PPE Stations

The welfare and general health of your employees should be your number one priority when running a business. If your employees have good health they take less sickness therefore, you will get more productivity from them. By Installing PPE specific areas like face-mask or hand sanitiser stations in the office, you can reduce and regulate the amount of germs being spread from employee to employee. As a result of this, consequently you will make your employees feel satisfied when working in their office space and help them stay healthy across the year. 

Office Plants 

Office plants are an easy and simple way to achieve increased employee health. By incorporating office plants, it will not only add a bit of colour, but it can actually yield great substantial health benefits. It is actually well documented that indoor plants:

  • Boosts individual’s mood, concentration and creativity
  • Help clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity and producing oxygen
  • Can come in many shapes and sizes to help match office decor.

Another major benefit of incorporating plants in your office space is that plants subconsciously make people think of open spaces and the outdoors. Not only this, they can help relieve the stress of feeling boxed in and make workers feel more free, especially if they operate in a busy city. It is always advised that you remember to water the plants on a regular basis or alternatively, invest in some artificial greenery. 

Hire Security

Another health and safety procedure you should incorporate for your office based business is to hire physical security guards. Potential intruders are far less likely to vandalise and disturb your employee’s operating areas when there are security guards on the reception door or even on-watch over night. In addition, the sheer presence of security guards relieves stress for employees as they feel they are protected at all times.   

Switch Transport Methods

If you run a large business and require stock to be delivered by transport vehicles, a health procedure you could try to incorporate is to encourage electric powered vehicles when receiving your goods. Let’s imagine you require a large pallet full of tissue roll or printing paper to complete your everyday activities, you could try and incorporate an electric forklift in order to lower the pallet from the transport vehicle. By incorporating this system into your business, you are lowering the amount of harmful emissions that are released into the Earth’s atmosphere and your company’s carbon footprint.

Install Healthy Vending Machines 

One of the most underrated and perhaps less well known tips to improve employee health is to incorporate food vending machines at work. According to a survey of 2000 UK adults conducted by the ‘Mirror’, one in five Brits skip breakfast and do not have their first meal until midday consequently, leaving them agitated and in a poorer state of mind than those with a full stomach. With this statistic in mind, installing food vending machines and general healthy eating in and around the vicinity of your office based business can help encourage those who simply do not feel they have enough time to have breakfast in the morning. Food vending machines provide quick and easy access to food, all at an affordable price and not to mention, they can be stocked with a wide variety of breakfast bars, sandwiches, salads, fruits, yoghurts and more. The healthy possibilities are endless when you decide to incorporate food vending machines and we are sure your employees will appreciate the investment.