Life Lessons From COVID 19

What is a possible future for society post-COVID 19? A shift to regionalization, rapid mobilization of resources, remote work, and reanalyzing social contracts. These are the four dimensions reshaping the global business landscape. A second or third wave of virus outbreak is imminent based on scientific predictions. Expectations about the magnitude of future epidemic waves, whether it will be a minor threat or a monster, are merely hypothetical.

Six Domains of Defense| COVID 19 WAR Strategy

Local leaders in the US, especially governors and mayors, have played a pivotal position in this COVID 19 warfare. Their continuous engagement and service to society deserve commendation. Re-emphasizing health experts’ recommendations to wear protective face masks, maintain physical distance, and follow hygiene best practices has been their MO.

  1. Monitor health system volume. Across the country, it might be necessary to increase critical-care capacity two-fold to avoid jamming health systems statewide. The response may be a temporary recourse until conditions improve. With critical medical resources in short supply, outstripping reserves to meet evolving healthcare service needs would only overwhelm the system.
  • Protect vulnerable groups. Populations most at risk, for example, those who have limited mobility, behavioral-health or chronic physical problems, and the elderly – will need targeted interventions.
  • Societal compliance. Communities that enforced tighter restrictions on social activities and movement saw dramatic improvements in confirmed cases. Arrests proved more effective than penalty fines.
  • Economic health. The government must optimize relief programs to provide efficient, swift financial aid to society. Without a source of livelihood, citizens grow restless under lockdown. As leaders continue to develop safe reopening strategies, they’re formulating ways to de-escalate possible risks efficiently.
  • Fundamental public health. Over 23 public-health initiatives exist, from which leaders employed the most productive and practical ones.
  • Industry safeguards. Say this new way of life continues into next year or longer, private and public sector leaders must employ adequate safeguards and adaptations to sustain economic resurgence. Compulsory health screenings, face guards, physical distancing and barriers, and generous compassionate-leave will remain a possible working solution.

Sanitizing and Deep Cleaning Culture In Business

How well businesses prioritize this policy will determine their future. Business enterprises can only survive this COVID 19 economic season and beyond if they give health safety guidance its due diligence. Deep cleaning and sanitizing is a big part of this initiative. Consistency and practicality will prove more challenging as human activity returns to a reasonable level.

  1. Regionalization over globalization: With what has happened to economies, globalization is nearing its expiration as industries shift to regional support. While under lockdown, American businesses are retooling their ecosystem to support the nation. Already many of these enterprises have found secondary revenue streams to recover some economic deficit.
  • Reassessment of social contracts: Local leaders have been the primary coordinators of this pandemic response. Their active role in organizing strategic response and protecting their communities has transformed a consensus of long-held public views.
  • Mobilization of resources: From economic-stimulus relief to healthcare efficiency, most nations were equal to the task despite the evolving pressures and shortages. Asian countries show immense resilience in the area of mobilization and inadvertently set standards for the globe. From mapping transmissions to deploying new healthcare technologies, preventing mass community exposure is feasible.
  • Work-from-home WFH culture: With remote learning and working opportunities trending, there’s a growing demand for technologies. The e-commerce industry is booming as local businesses establish a digital footprint. Shopping practices and WFH experiences are a critical component creating new standards of living post-COVID 19.

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Guest Post by: James Allen