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How to Take Effective Action Against COVID 19

In this pandemic, survival is everyone’s biggest concern. With the worrying under supply of personal protective equipment or PPE, what gives? Just when countries thought it sensible to resume activities, a well-coordinated reopening – surging COVID 19 infections reduced these

Top 4 Ways to Stop CoronaVirus Spread| Free COVID-19 Survival Kit

PPE supply supplies remain static as global demands surge. There’s a ubiquitous sense of uncertainty felt by nations as society acclimatizes to the novel COVID 19 world order. If supply chains don’t recover soon, what then? The relentless hunt for

What does it take to survive Coronavirus COVID 19?

What is the state of the PPE market today? Supply availability remains a growing concern, which has worsened since the lockdown. Export restrictions, travel bans, low production, and restricted movement of supplies have been at the forefront of this supply