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The Differences Between COVID-19, Flu, Allergies and Colds

By Marisa Hochberg : Cold, the flu and allergies can wreak havoc on your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to other infections. If you experience these conditions frequently, it may be time to get tested for a possible underlying

Sniffles and Sore Throats in Kids When to Call the Doctor

By Marisa Hochberg : Maybe you’re the type of parent who thinks that a germ-free house makes perfect sense. You can’t have an outbreak of colds and flu in your house, right? Well, think again: everyone knows that sniffles

How Recombinant Vaccines Work in Simple Language?

While humanity has been using vaccines for centuries now, there might never have been more talk—and doubts—surrounding the topic than today. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be more well-informed about the way different types of vaccines work. Even

5 Ways to Maintain Hygiene Standards in Schools

With the current standards of health and hygiene continuously improving year on year, it is essential that key places of interest are adhering to the correct hygiene standards recommended by the government. Not to mention, with the prevalence of the

Rising Number of COVID-19 Cases Worldwide to Boast Healthcare Personal Protective Equipment Industry

Rising Number of COVID-19 Cases Worldwide to Favor Growth Healthcare personal protective equipment Industry is set to gain momentum from the rising incorporation of artificial intelligence (AI) by tech giants and renowned healthcare companies to cope up with the COVID-19

Why isolation gowns are the new N95 masks and what it means for the covid-19 vaccine

In an age where everyone wants to mark themselves safe from Covid-19, the world witnessed panic hoarding and shortages of several essential items including N95 masks. With healthcare workers and essential service people bearing the brunt, these shortages wreaked havoc

Best Survival Lessons To Avoid COVID 19 Infection

The panic and fear that permeated the air during the early stages of the COVID 19 outbreak have dire consequences. After millions of shoppers went on a panic-buying rampage, stockpiling all the PPE kits available, inventories are yet to replenish.

Life Lessons From COVID 19 – Global Pandemic Response

What is a possible future for society post-COVID 19? A shift to regionalization, rapid mobilization of resources, remote work, and reanalyzing social contracts. These are the four dimensions reshaping the global business landscape. A second or third wave of virus

How to Take Effective Action Against COVID 19

In this pandemic, survival is everyone’s biggest concern. With the worrying under supply of personal protective equipment or PPE, what gives? Just when countries thought it sensible to resume activities, a well-coordinated reopening – surging COVID 19 infections reduced these

Top 4 Ways to Stop CoronaVirus Spread| Free COVID-19 Survival Kit

PPE supply supplies remain static as global demands surge. There’s a ubiquitous sense of uncertainty felt by nations as society acclimatizes to the novel COVID 19 world order. If supply chains don’t recover soon, what then? The relentless hunt for