Effective Action Against COVID 19

In this pandemic, survival is everyone’s biggest concern. With the worrying under supply of personal protective equipment or PPE, what gives? Just when countries thought it sensible to resume activities, a well-coordinated reopening – surging COVID 19 infections reduced these plans to mere ambition. What remains paramount is the need for personal protection. Health officials cannot stress enough the importance of following recommended preventive measures to slow social transmission, especially in public settings. Now a daily ritual, mandates require everyone to wear PPE in public spaces, practice healthy hand hygiene and social distancing.

Effective social distancing

Harvard Health describes social distancing as maintaining physical as much as six feet from each other when sharing the same air. Investigative studies affirm that this action shows the spread of infectious contagions like COVID 19. Further interventions such as ordering a temporary ban on social meetings in schools and mass gatherings are in effect too. Since the primary mode of transmission is when someone breathes in the respiratory droplets of an infected person. Unbeknownst to individuals sharing air space with an un-diagnosed person, coughs and sneezes can be dangerous. With social distancing, it is possible to avoid direct contamination should an infected person cough or sneeze. In conjunction with physical distancing, health authorities recommend the use of protective face covering or medical-grade masks where appropriate.

What types of face masks protect against COVID 19?

While studies are still ongoing, it might help to know that the virus can spread by aerosol transmission. Yes, it is possible to contract it when an infected person breathes or speaks. Those microscopic particles that burst into the air when someone breathes or speaks are infectious. With these airborne viral particles floating around, anyone can contract COVID 19. Furthermore, these airborne particles remain viable for hours, according to numerous studies. It is for this reason, health officials insist on the public wearing face masks.

Since there’s a limited supply of medical-grade face masks, the CDC has ordered that everyone wear homemade cloth face coverings. There is also a guide on how to wash reusable cotton face coverings correctly. It’s ideal for those who are not symptomatic. With these masks, individuals can keep their mouth and nose covered when in a public setting. Should someone who has the virus sneezes, coughs, or breathes viral particles, those exposed are at a reduced risk of infection.

On the other hand, medical-grade face masks such as the N95s are efficient. These provide the maximum level of protection possible by any face masks. The shortage of PPE supplies remains a growing concern across the globe. Healthcare workers and those in essential industries who need these face masks have resorted to reusing them. In clinical care settings, caregivers must wear surgical masks to avoid COVID 19 spread. Also, infected parties should wear these masks in public.

How the virus spreads indoor VS outdoor transmission| Surviving COVID 19

After months of lockdown, there’s a lot of anxieties to expand social circles and mingle again. As individuals follow safety protocols when socializing, health authorities encourage caution to meet outside of the home. Although droplets of the viral pathogens will remain viable for minutes, aerosols can last hours. There’s a lower risk of transmission outdoors because air currents disperse and destabilize the viral particles. With a face mask, it is possible to reduce the risk factors as well, although it will not prevent infection. With limited space for air to circulate indoors, it is easier to contract the virus. Sharing may increase the risk of transmission as well. Therefore, it’s imperative to sanitize frequently touched surfaces and items.

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