Why is First Aid Training Important?

Have you ever wondered why first aid training is considered so important? Sure, people who take the course claim it is worthwhile. But will you ever use your training?  We asked for some details on why such classes are

A Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Immune System

For a healthy lifestyle, the body needs healthy fuel, which comes from the food we intake. Eating healthy foods and proper nutrition is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Immune defense vitamins also play a significant role in keeping our body

What makes an N95 Mask different from other face masks?

In this pandemic condition, the N95 mask is the only protective gear that we can rely on. It provides the best quality filtration to the user. Corona Virus is an RNA virus. The virus can change their life cycle anytime

15 foods to stay healthy longer

Knowing how to choose what you put on your plate can earn you years of good health. These 15 foods are essential to eat a healthy diet. Integral rice Brown rice is a food low in sodium and rich in